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With legal online casino games available in the US across a number of states, players can choose from a whole host of options from the comfort of their own homes.

From blackjack to roulette, video poker to baccarat, a wide selection of table games are there to be enjoyed. If you’re new to online casino games, we’re here to help, with a guide to each game, where to enjoy online casino games legally in the US, which websites to choose and where to find the best online casino bonuses and promotions.

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US Online Casinos

There are a number of online casinos in the US that all provide a wide selection of games and new customer casino bonuses:

Casino Games: Slots

Online slots are a hugely important element of all online casinos’ offering, such is their popularity among players. Online slots work just like traditional slot machines, with the challenge being to match up symbols across reels (traditionally three or five) to win prizes.

As casino game technology has advanced, so have online slots, with thousands of different types of games now available, from traditional playing card and fruit machine-type games, to hook-ups with major franchises such as Marvel superheroes.

The amount you win depends on a few factors, including the type of game, your stake (how much you gamble), and the paylines. Different slots offer players different chances of winning. Online slots in the US are required by law to state the chances of winning, known as Return To Player (RTP). 

Casino Games: Blackjack

A classic casino game, online blackjack is a huge favorite among casino players. Blackjack one of the easiest table games to play and one of the most recognizable card games.

Essentially, the aim of the game is to beat the dealer by holding a hand (a collection of cards) with a value as close to 21 as possible. If the player goes above 21, they are bust and the dealer wins. If the player’s hand is higher than the dealer’s, equal to or below 21, then the player wins. The different values of cards in blackjack are:

  • Aces count as 1 or 11, depending on which is most valuable to the player.
  • Face cards (kings, queens, and jacks) are worth 10 points.
  • All other cards from 2 to 9 represent their face value.

Multiple players can Blackjack play at the same time – but they are against the dealer, not each other. Your winnings are usually double your stake.

Playing online blackjack is a great way to learn the game as it’s fast and fun. Blackjack is one of a handful of casino games that can be statistically beaten to win money with a perfect Blackjack strategy.

Casino Games: Roulette

Playing roulette online has become increasingly more enjoyable as technology has improved. Modern online roulette boasts great graphics, realistic sounds and can be played across all devices – including mobile and tablet.

Players of casino games love roulette because it’s pretty simple but has a vast number of outcomes and betting options. The game involves a marble spinning around a wheel numbered 0 to 36, with players attempting to predict where it will come to rest. The numbers are black and red, with the exception of 0 and 00, which are green. Players make their predictions by placing their chips on areas of the roulette table. The value of the chips denotes the value of the bet and the winnings are determined by the probability of the result. 

There are a number of wagers and roulette strategies to try when playing roulette online. The main types of bets are either outside bets or inside bets. The different types of wagers you make all have different odds of happening and pay-our accordingly.

Roulette inside bets include:

  • A single number or straight-up bet will pay out 35:1
  • Split bets are placed on the line between two numbers paying 17:1
  • Street bets cover all three numbers in a row giving odds of 11:1

Popular outside bets are:

  • Red or black bets that will double your money
  • Betting on odd or even also pays double


This is a casino game traditionally associated with high rollers but, particularly since the advent of online baccarat, the game has become increasingly accessible and simpler. Online baccarat – also known as Punto Banco – can be played by up to 14 players, with the players betting on their fellow players, the dealer (the banker) or a tie.

Baccarat is played with several decks of cards kept in a ‘shoe’ and as you’ll probably expect every card has a different role in the game. Two cards are dealt to the player and to the dealer, with the aim being to get as close to 9 as possible without exceeding it. The values for every card dealt are:

  • Aces are low and are worth one point.
  • Cards 2 to 9 are worth their face value, e.g. 3 of clubs will be 3 points.
  • All picture cards are worth 0, so Ten, Jack, Queen and King.

If the total of the two cards is over 10 then the left-hand digit is dropped. For example, 19 becomes 9 (the 1 is dropped). Hands worth both 8 and 9 are called “naturals”, with 9 beating 8. If the player hand or the banker’s hand has a natural 8 or 9 and the opposing hand has a lower point value, the natural hand wins.

A third card is dealt for the player when his or her total is five or less. For the banker, a third card is drawn if the total is 2 – regardless of the player’s total. If the banker’s total is 3, another card is dealt unless the player’s card is an 8. If he has 4, the Banker draws unless the Player’s third card is a 0, 1, 8 or 9. If the Banker has 5, he draws if the Player’s third card is 4, 5, 6 or 7. If the Banker has 6, he draws a third card if the Player’s third card is 6 or 7. Finally, if the Banker’s total is 7, he stands.

Betting on the player or the banker has an even-money payout. So a winning $10 bet on the player returns $20. Betting on the banker usually incurs a commission (typically 5%). Betting on the tie has a payout of 8/1.

Video Poker

Online video poker shares many similarities with slot machines. Video poker is a single-player game played against the house that follows the fundamental rules of poker. A familiarity with poker hand rankings is certainly an advantage when it comes to getting started at online video poker.

Hands are ranked just like in Texas Holdem poker, from a pair to a straight flush counting as winning hands. In online video poker, the player needs at least a pair of jacks to win. You need to decide how much you want to bet on each hand. You are then dealt five cards, decide which cards you want to fold keep and draw new cards to produce your winning hand. Your payout depends on the probability of your hand and the size of your bet.

Live Dealer games

Many leading online US casinos offer live dealer versions of table games, including blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Live dealer games are exactly as they are described, with the cards dealt by a live dealer, rather than generated by computer.

As you would imagine online live dealer games are slower than their virtual counterparts but they are hits with players who enjoy the convenience of playing casino games online but want an extra layer of realism. Having an actual live dealer that interacts with the players provides some extra trust with players who are skeptical about playing against an online casino algorithm.

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