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Is US sports betting legal? 

If you are just starting out on your sports betting journey you may have some questions about the industry. Specifically, is sports betting legal in the United States. It’s a simple question which unfortunately does not have a simple answer. To ensure that you always stay within the bounds of legality, you should strictly adhere to US Leagues Betting’s extensive and informative legal guide.

Which sports can I bet on in the United States?

Sports betting is deeply ingrained in US culture. Whether it be Thanksgiving football, the NBA playoffs or the Kentucky Derby, the overwhelming majority of American citizens are likely to have experienced it at some point in their lives. This is reflected in the huge amount of different sports you can place bets on in the US. In order to maximise your chances of winning, ensure you read our strategy guides, which are available for all of your favourite sports.

Is sports betting legit?

For whatever reason, some people continue to be distrustful of the sports betting industry. By and large, most sportsbooks are licensed and secure. However, there are always a few bad ones that can slip through the net. To make sure that you avoid these nasty operators, only use betting sites recommended by us. 

How do US Betting odds work? 

Betting odds can be challenging to understand, particularly if you struggle with numbers. Luckily our odds converter makes things a lot easier by changing your odds into whatever form you find easiest to interpret. Decimal, fractions and American are all covered to make things simple for you. 

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