Your guide to CFL betting Betting

The CFL betting presents a unique opportunity for bettors – not just in Canada but outside as well, to spread their betting options and strategically place their bets. In any case, with nine teams in the fray, which play a long 21-week season, there’s ample scope for a variety of different wagers to be placed.

Against that backdrop, we find a plethora of different sportsbooks coming to the fore which offer just the ideal platform to bet on Canadian football games.


Choosing a CFL Betting Site

With increasing numbers of high-quality betting sites establishing themselves firmly, choosing a particular CFL betting site over another is not an easy exercise.

Rest assured, we have gone out of our way to shortlist what we reckon are the best sportsbooks out there, where you can easily place your CFL bets without any qualms.

Top Your guide to CFL betting Betting Sites

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This article is designed to provide a guide to CFL betting, including:

CFL betting bonuses

Factors that you should consider in your choice of these betting sites include the odds of your winning, the overall terms and conditions that govern the operation of the website, as well as the welcome bonus that it offers.

This “welcome bonus” factor has become extremely important today since that is the basis on which most sportsbooks are differentiating themselves; while pretty much all of them are offering it, it is the percentage and the terms of the welcome bonus, that differ.

As a savvy bettor, we encourage you to make a well-informed choice of a sportsbook, based on all the factors we have mentioned, especially the welcome bonus.

Placing CFL Bets

In spite of its reasonably smaller size as compared to the NFL, the CFL does manage to garner excellent betting opportunities. Therefore, below we list some of the best bets you can place while betting on the CFL.

Runline CFL Bets

Also referred to as spread bets, favored teams have to win by more than the spread allotted by the sportsbook while underdogs have to lose by less than the same spread. Yes, you read that right – you win even when the team loses!

Live CFL Bets

Live or in-play CFL bets are great fun since you can partake in them even as the game progresses. The sheer adrenaline rush which comes with betting live during CFL games is simply unparalleled!

Moneyline CFL Bets

Perhaps some of the simplest and easiest to grasp CFL bets where you simply choose the team likely to win the game, and wager accordingly. For best results in your favor, make sure you have a good understanding of the odds for every team, prior to a game.

Total CFL Bets

These bets are also referred to as over/under bets where you can bet on totals such as total scores as well as thresholds such as points scored being above or below a specified level.

Due to their simplicity and straightforward nature, total CFL bets are also immensely popular.


The CFL betting is an ideal platform on which you can hone your betting skills before moving onto the big daddies such as the NFL or the NBA. Remember that the stakes are likely to be lower here, as would be the number of bettors.

So you can be flexible in your approach and also adopt a fairly aggressive risk-taking stance.

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