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HOU ASTROS 42.12% 120
TAM RAYS 57.88% -140
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Major League Baseball brings a lot of excitement to the sports calendar with a lengthy total of 162 games per season. Giving plenty of action on the sportsbook with plenty of teams to choose from and managers constantly changing their line up and batting roster. Millions of sports fans and gamblers alike enjoy the MLB with many opportunities to benefit as a sports bettor. 

MLB Sports Picks

Sports picks are betting tips offered by handicappers or professional experts in the field of MLB. It allows amateur sports bettors to have a better chance of earnings if the bets turn out to be successful. Since many fans enjoy the thrill of following their teams, very few go to the lengths that handicappers go to try and predict winnings.  

Handicappers are known for identifying a list of reasons as to why the game will result in one way or another. This is most commonly known as ‘doing their homework’. Factors such as runs, innings, batting range, weather forecasts, Homefield advantage are others all play a part. Once they have taken all the factors into account, they will place their picks typically on the winner or the most popular bets in MLB. The whole process is known as ‘handicapping’ in sports betting circles. 

Although basic skills and strategies may help the avid sports bettor, the majority will still strike unlucky with the majority of their bets over the course of time. Using picks not only gives out the groundwork but develops your understanding of why a game is going to go a certain way. It also gives sports bettors an advantage to increase their chances of winnings.

When it comes to baseball, you never know when the next home run will take place so it may seem like a one-shot wonder or pot luck. However, experts and handicappers have developed systems which they use to predict the likely hood of scoring averages per team and runs taking into account historical data. So many variables come into play with sports, which is why in-depth handicapping can benefit you when making a wager. This guide will go through all the different terms, strategies that handicappers use as well as the usual MLB Picks we feature on the website. Our baseball picks take in a wide range of factors as well as consolidating years of information to make informed bets.

Read the Bookmaker 

Reading the bookmaker’s intentions is one of the most valuable skills there is when it comes to sports betting. It takes years of knowledge and experience to understand and develop the skill. The bettor has to ask “why are odds or betting lines set at those prices? Online sportsbooks make their money by cashing in on losing wagers or creating a vig that over time covers bets on favourite teams. This is known as the ‘game behind the game’ pick as you uncover the bookmaker’s intentions. With odds constantly changing it’s sometimes incredibly hard to keep track. However, the general public or fan vote can ultimately indicate the general census created. This can ultimately sway the favourites one way or the other on betting lines, which could enhance or decrease your bankroll on successful wagers. 

Bookmakers capitalize on common perceptions made by fans from trends online or by creating ‘pick’em’ games on the home team. These are games where the spread is created evenly to counterbalance the clear favourites. These give a chance for the underdogs and creates interest for betting on both teams. If the home fans are clear favourites they will end up paying a premium on their team. MLB fans will not realise the true line on the bettings odds, resulting in sportsbooks to cash in on betting habits.

Moving Lines 

This concept is about noticing when the public place their bets and when the professionals or experts do. With some of the best sports wagering experts on the market, they know to sometimes wait after the general fan base place their bets before they do. If you see a line move one direction after the initial fans placing heavily on the other side of the bet, you’re witnessing the experts taking advantage of the uneducated public. With so many promotions and sports news favouring one side when it comes to NBA match-ups, most of the general fans will jump on trends too early without taking consideration of other factors. Following their hearts rather than their heads! This creates a perfect opportunity for expert bettors to make their bets which most likely be against the general public.

MLB Betting Picks

Baseball is considered as the most volatile sport in the industry when compared to the NFL, NHL or even the college leagues. The MLB alone contains the highest number of underdog upsets, resulting in people not to hope on the favourites too much. Within the sports betting industry, MLB is less about the team and more about the numbers. This really plays true when you compare to the strategy used in the famous film ‘Moneyball’, as the team gets built on stats and not on material aspects.

People can be the same when it comes to sports betting by playing into biased views and following trends without considering the stats. 

The most popular wagers amongst bettors in MLB is the Moneyline, the Over/ Under and the Run line. We will explore each one of them in the guide in terms of what to consider when to place a bet. 

MLB Moneyline Picks

In baseball, the Moneyline replaces the point spread that’s commonly known in other sports. This is because most games are low-scoring are typically don’t go over 10 points in a game. You are simply betting on the winning team with a Moneyline bet, with the favourites (-) and the underdogs (+). Moneyline picks will predict who the clear winner will be, with the experts and handicappers deciding a winner in the proposed match-up. 

MLB Over / Under Picks

Over and Unders or called totals within other sports is wagering on the proposed total number of runs scored by both teams combined. The bettor has to decide whether the total scoring number will be ‘over or under’ the set number by the oddsmakers. Baseball totals usually range from a low number from 6.5 all the way up to 12. If you see a money line value associated with an 8.5 total, this is the vig or juice made by the online sportsbook what we mentioned earlier.

MLB Run Line Picks

Compared to the other two popular forms of bets, the Runline bet offers a different kind of complexity within baseball. Similar to NFL spread betting, run lines still require you to choose a side/ team. Within baseball, the run line is 1.5. The favourited team has to win by two or more runs in order to win the wager, anything less will result in a loss on the bet. The underdogs would need to lose by 1 run or win the game outright for you to win the bet.

Typically we see teams that are on the road keep games close and should be considered on the run line more times than not. In the 2019 season, we witnessed the San Francisco Giants win 63% on the run line on the road. An incredible pick that can prove to be quite rewarding! 

Computer Picks Vs Humans

The advance of technology has certainly propelled sports in all different forms including sports betting. Computer picks offer hundreds of data points based on historical data, but it’s only as good as the data set. While it can predict percentages and averages on runs for each team, it doesn’t take a lot of factors in when considering on and off the pitch politics the feel of the team or crowd. Handicappers will analyse the games with a number of factors as well as historical data to give an all-round judgement when it comes to baseball. So when you are deciding on MLB picks it’s always worth considering different aspects to make an informed decision. 

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