MLB Future Odds

2021 American League Pennant - To Win

Boston Red Sox +2000
Baltimore Orioles +5000
Kansas City Royals +5000
Seattle Mariners +4500
Detroit Tigers +5000
Texas Rangers +6500
Los Angeles Angels +1600
Toronto Blue Jays +1200
Cleveland Indians +1400
New York Yankees +250
Tampa Bay Rays +750
Minnesota Twins +800
Chicago White Sox +450
Houston Astros +900
Oakland Athletics +800

2021 National League Pennant - To Win

Philadelphia Phillies +2200
Miami Marlins +3000
Milwaukee Brewers +3000
San Francisco Giants +4500
Arizona Diamondbacks +4000
Colorado Rockies +4500
St Louis Cardinals +2000
Washington Nationals +1800
New York Mets +450
Chicago Cubs +2000
Cincinnati Reds +1500
Atlanta Braves +475
San Diego Padres +400
Los Angeles Dodgers +200
Pittsburgh Pirates +10000

2021 World Series - To Win

Los Angeles Dodgers +400
Los Angeles Angels +3500
Milwaukee Brewers +5500
Boston Red Sox +4500
Miami Marlins +5500
San Francisco Giants +7000
Arizona Diamondbacks +8000
Colorado Rockies +12500
Seattle Mariners +9000
Baltimore Orioles +9000
Detroit Tigers +12500
Kansas City Royals +10000
Texas Rangers +12500
Pittsburgh Pirates +15000
Philadelphia Phillies +4000
Toronto Blue Jays +2200
St Louis Cardinals +4000
New York Yankees +600
San Diego Padres +550
Tampa Bay Rays +1800
Atlanta Braves +1000
Minnesota Twins +1800
Chicago White Sox +1000
Oakland Athletics +2000
Houston Astros +2200
Cleveland Indians +2500
Cincinnati Reds +2800
Chicago Cubs +4000
New York Mets +850
Washington Nationals +3500

Baseball fans can bet on MLB futures by predicting the outcome of season-long events, namely the World Series winners, the National League Pennant winners or the American League Pennant winners.

MLB futures, sometimes referred to as outrights, are markets that reward bettors who have an eye for a winning team over a long period. As opposed to betting baseball matches, these markets are settled towards the end of the season, when the winners of each event are known.

Often it means fans have to be patient and wait for their payout, but the odds are usually quite chunky. 

You can compare MLB futures odds with our handy tool that lets you see which sportsbooks have the best odds.

Betting on MLB futures

The MLB is a long old slog, with 60 teams playing at least 162 matches - perhaps more if they go all the way in the World Series. 

However, MLB futures bets don’t necessarily have to be season-long affairs. Most sportsbooks keep their MLS futures markets open throughout most of the season, at least until the winner is settled. Of course, the odds fluctuate depending on teams’ form, but it is often a wise strategy to wait a few games into the season to get a better read on the current rosters and how they might perform before committing with your wager.

Time to cashout?

As well as starting the bet late, there’s the option to end it early, as most sportsbooks offer cash-out options on future bets. This means you can take your winnings before the outcome is settled, usually at a reduced price.

You might want to do this if, for example, your selection looks nailed on to win but their roster has just been hit with a swathe of injuries or they have a particularly tough run of games coming up. Or, perhaps, you’re in a position to take your winnings and make another selection to lock-in a profit no matter what happens.

Ready to parlay?

MLB outrights can be used as part of a parlay for an entertaining and potentially profitable accumulator. For example, you might parlay the winners of the World Series, winners of American League and winners of the National League to form a three-fold bet with sizable odds.

MLB outrights - alternative markets

As well as straight ‘X to win’ options, some sportsbooks offer variations on their MLB futures markets.

A common option is “without X” - usually the favourites. For example, World Series winner without New York Yankees, would mean the winning bet would be on the runners-up if the Yankees won the title. You can also bet on the winners of each division.

Most books also offer an each-way option on futures bets, meaning you get a return if your team finishes within a specified bracket (usually top two). Bear in mind that each-way selections require two bets and the odds for the place are reduced.  

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