MLS Betting

The MLS (Major League Soccer) did take a while to set itself up and get going as a major professional soccer league in the United States but once it did, there has been no looking back.

This has especially proven to be true once marquee players such as David Beckham began playing in the league (he played for the LA Galaxy).

No doubt, once MLS started taking off, MLS betting also came into the limelight in a big way.

Today, when it comes to betting in US professional sports leagues, MLS is very much at the forefront.


MLS Betting Platforms

With increasing popularity of MLS betting, platforms for placing your MLS bets have increased tremendously. Over time, these sportsbooks have ensured that quality is never a concern and that they do abide by the rules stipulated for them.

In such a scenario, choosing a particular betting site does become a little difficult but we have noted welcome bonus to be an excellent differentiating factor.

Agreed that today, nearly all MLS betting sites do offer welcome bonuses. Yet what differ are the terms on which they are offered and of course the quantum of the bonus, which is usually in the 50% to 100% range.

Top MLS Betting Sites

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*Terms and Conditions apply to all bonus offers on this website. Please visit sportsbooks for details.

Placing your MLS Bets

With the initial formalities completed, you are of course raring to go on your MLS bets. To assist you in that quest, we have listed out some of the most prominent bets placed commonly on MLS games.

Asian Handicap MLS Bets

These are akin to line bets seen in case of other sports and therefore the finest line must be yours. Handicaps often have a 0.5 differential among them; the team is expected to cross the threshold in case of a stinted handicap while it is expected to have enough leeway if the handicap allows it to. Yes, this can be a little tough to grasp at the outset but you will easily get a hang of things over time as you begin placing your Asian handicap bets.

Double Chance MLS Bets

As the name suggests, this offers bettors twice as many chances of winning since twice the number of possible outcomes are taken into consideration. For instance, the home team’s win or a draw will both fetch you rewards if you bet on them. Likewise, if you bet on say the away team’s win or a draw.

Moneyline Bets

In this instance, they are referred to as outright bets. You simply bet on the likely winning or losing team. The catch with MLS betting in this instance is that many games end in draws. Also, teams favored to win will fetch less when they actually win (since the odds are already in their favor) while underdog teams – in case they do win and you bet on that happening, will fetch you greater rewards.

Over/Under MLS Bets

There is a myriad array of possibilities which you can bet on in this instance – the number of goals that will be scored, the number of players that might end up being given a red or yellow card, the number of penalty shots which will be taken, and so on.

The catch here is that these are all way too “chancy” in nature. There is very little skill involved and it will be entirely a matter of chance, if you do end up on the winning side.

Therefore, it is entirely your call if you actually want to partake in such bets.


MLS betting clearly offers excellent returns. There are many out there who have honed their expertise in MLS betting and manage to perform really well consistently.

It is about application and practice. Also, keep yourself abreast of the way teams have been performing. Teams like the LA Galaxy for instance have been especially very successful, so wagering intelligently on them will quite likely lead you onto great rewards.

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