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Where to find the best MLS odds

While soccer might still be regarded as an emerging sport in the US, most sportsbooks offer comprehensive coverage of all major leagues, meaning customers are able to shop around for the best MLS odds.

Sportsbooks will offer MLS odds on individual matches, with markets such as match winner, correct score, first goalscorer; MLS futures (known also as outrights) and, sometimes MLS prop bets (sometimes referred to as special bets).

MLS odds can appear in several formats - American odds, decimal or fractional and most bookies let users choose their preference. If not, you can use our handy odds converter.

Compare MLS odds

While MLS might not be as big as NFL or NBA, for example, its popularity is increasing. 

ESPN’s Major League Soccer coverage saw a 2% increase during the 2019 season, with the 31-match schedule delivering an average audience of 246,000 viewers (P2+), up from 241,000 viewers for 31 matches in 2018.

On ESPN, 25 matches averaged 266,000 viewers, a seven percent gain from 248,000 in 2018 – the most-watched cable network for MLS matches this season. The six broadcasts on ESPN2 in 2019 delivered an average audience of 164,000.

This increase in popularity means sportsbooks are having to keep up and the MLS betting space is becoming increasingly competitive. That’s great news for customers as, not only are there more welcome bonuses out there, but also more competitive prices. With this in mind, it’s always good idea to compare MLS odds before making your bet, so you can take your money to the sportsbook with the best price.

What to bet on?

Soccer offers a wide range of betting options for customers to choose from and MLS odds can typically be found on the following markets.


Quite simply, this is a bet on which team will win the match, or if it will end in a draw. The odds are typically determined by the strength of each team, the form, home advantage and other factors such as injuries or suspensions.

Correct score

MLS correct score markets challenge the punt to correctly predict the exact result of the match. For example, LA Galaxy to beat Houston Dynamo 2-0. This usually offers attractive odds, due to the difficulty in predicting an exact result.

Over / Under

Over / Under markets usually apply to the number of goals in a match. The customer must predict whether there will be more goals or fewer goals than a specific benchmark. For example, in the over 2.5 goals market, there must be 3 goals or more for the bet to win. Over / Under markets can also be applied to number of corners or cards.

Spread betting

MLS spread betting is a form of handicap betting where one outcome is given a virtual advantage before kick-off. The wager is then for the team to cover the spread by winning despite the disadvantage, or losing despite the advantage. For example, LA Galaxy might be given a -1.5 handicap vs Houston Dynamo, meaning they must win by two clear goals for the bet to win.


Fans can boost their MLS odds with the option to parlay their bets. This means grouping several bets together to multiply the odds, often dramatically. Parlays can be bets from different matches, in different markets at different times.

A parlay might be something like, LA Galaxy to win, Jozy Altidore to score first, Michael Bradley to be sent off.

The potential winnings of MLS parlay bets can be calculated using an odds calculator.

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