NCAAB Betting

The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) oversees a number of sports played professionally at the college level such as ice hockey, soccer, basketball, football, and baseball to name a few.

The best thing about these sports is the quality of play, which is second to none – just like the professional leagues. This in turn has driven demand for NCAA betting to stupendous levels.



US Sportsbooks for NCAAB Betting

The number of sportsbooks or betting sites accepting bets on NCAA Basketball (NCAAB) has increased incrementally in recent times. Many factors have driven this change. Firstly, as we mentioned, interest among bettors has risen significantly, given the quality of play. Moreover, for bettors, this is yet another different avenue for betting that allows them to spread their bets (and thus the risks involved).

Below, we have listed the best sportsbooks out there for NCAAB betting.

Top NCAAB Betting Sites

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Some factors that you should keep in mind while choosing any of these betting sites include:

  • You should favor the one(s) with the best odds of winning.
  • The welcome bonus is certainly a deal breaker. Opt for sportsbooks which offer the best (read highest!) welcome bonus on the best possible terms.
  • Of course, something obvious but worthy of mentioning is the fact that the sportsbook must be accredited (do double check).
  • While at it, also confirm if it is legal in your state to wager on college level play.
  • The sportsbook must have its ‘Terms and Conditions’ clearly spelled out on its website. Make sure to give them a read.

 NCAA College Basketball Bets

Once you have gone through the initial stages as outlined above, it is time to dig in and actually place your NCAAB bets. To help you, we have listed out the most prominent NCAA college basketball bets below.

NCAAB Spread Betting

Here, there are various “lines” for each game which you will bet on. Both the team likely to win as well as the underdog would have to win and lose, respectively, by the predetermined points.

As you hone your skills in spread betting, you will see yourself evolving into a better bettor!

NCAAB Live Betting

The adrenaline rush here is simply unparalleled, wherein you place your bets during the course of the game.

NCAAB Moneyline Betting

This is fairly simple to grasp; you bet on teams likely to win. Favorites offer negative returns whereby you have to bet big to profit while the team with a long shot of winning will offer handsome returns if it wins – even on small bets placed!

NCAAB Total Betting

Also referred to as over/under betting; here you place bets on total points. So, for instance, if the sportsbook offers a certain line threshold, the total points for the game as scored by both the teams must be more than that.


When it comes to diversifying your betting “portfolio”, NCAAB certainly makes an excellent choice. Our tip would be to wait it out till at least the initial few matches for the season are played since that way you will have a better sense of the direction teams are taking. It will also help you identify key players for the season – ones with maximum potential. One final word would be the unmistakable emotional quotient of NCAAB betting; imagine you being able to wager on a team from the same college you graduated from – that feeling is completely priceless!

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