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With the growth of online sports betting across the US becoming more widely available, NCAAB consensus picks are becoming more and more popular.

With the rise of sports betting in America and the legalization amongst states, the data informing consensus picks is only growing, making betting on NCAA basketball and other sports all the more fun.

You’ll find data on NCAAB consensus picks in the table at the top of this page, giving you some key insights into how the public is betting on college basketball, and in this article we’ll outline some key info.

How NCAAB Consensus Picks Work

The NCAAB consensus is the volume of bets placed by bettors with a given sportsbook on a given game. Typically, NCAAB consensus picks data will be available on the moneyline, over / under or spread markets

Consensus picks is the process of evaluating what other fans are betting on and using that data to inform your own decision. The consensus is sometimes referred to as bet percentage or bet split.

An example: 100 bettors bet on a match between Baylor and Nicholls State. 65 choose Baylor, 30 choose Nicholls State and 5 go for the draw. The consensus picks in this instance would be Baylor 65%, Nicholls State 30%, draw 5%.

Consensus picks data also give you insight into how the odds have changed over time. For example, if you notice the odds on Baylor beating Nicholls State have lengthened and see that 20% of bettors have backed Nicholls State, you will understand why the sportsbook has made the price alteration. 

Most commonly consensus picks refers to the activity of the public – other customers using the sportsbook, but it can also refer to tipsters, professional bettors and computer tips.

Moving Lines – NCAAB Consensus

This concept is about noticing when the public place their bets and when the professionals or experts do, and how you can time your bet to get the maximum possible value.

Betting experts know that in many cases it’s necessary to wait until after the general fan base place their bets, before they place their own bets. This patience and analysis of market movement is what separates those who take betting super serious, and those who approach it as a bit of fun.

If you see a line move in one direction after the initial fans placing heavily on the other side of the bet, you’re witnessing the experts taking advantage of the lesser informed public.

With so many promotions and so much sports news creating noise and pushing one team or another as the stone cold favorite ahead of a game, most of the general fan base will jump on trends too early without thinking about the many variables that should inform a considered bet.

However, this is great news for us! It creates a perfect opportunity for expert bettors to make bets which will most likely be against the general public, this taking advantage of better odds.

Avoiding The Favorites: NCAAB Consensus Picks Tactics

Avoiding big favorites can prove to be beneficial as they tend to be overvalued or inflated due to public perception. Often it’s the case that a team is a favorite for good reason, and they are more likely to win the upcoming game. However, there are often scenarios in which things aren’t so cut and dry, and it’s worth hanging back and considering the bigger picture and how you may be able to get some value out of the underdog.

Betting With or Against the Public

Betting with or against the public can help if you can spot early on if the public is misinformed ahead of a game, helping to move the betting lines.

Most people will be loading their bets for one particular team, to exploit certain angles and record significant winnings, but experts will ‘fade the public’. When the line moves in the opposite direction, it’s a sure sign of expert bettors placing bets on the other side.

Selecting a Reputable US Sportsbook

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