NCAAF Betting

The National Collegiate Athletic Association Football (NCAAF) represents major colleges and universities across United States and Canada that play college football. While hitherto looked at as a fledgling league with minor significance, today the NCAAF has clearly come to the fore on its own.

This is especially because a lot of players for the premier level NFL are being drafted on the basis of their performance in the NCAAF.

Under such circumstances, no surprise then that NCAAF betting is also taking on critical hues of its own. After all, with so much at stake, NCAAF players are giving their teams their utmost best. This in turn is providing bettors ample opportunity to wager on a wide range of NCAAF game performance dynamics.


Betting on the NCAAF

As with other leagues, betting on the NCAAF mandates that you have an active account with a reputed sportsbook. Below, we have listed out what are clearly the best betting sites out there for NCAAF wagers. Factors you need to consider include your odds of winning, the overall terms and conditions, and indeed the welcome bonus being doled out.

Top NCAAF Betting Sites

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As a matter of fact, the last mentioned welcome bonus factor has taken on immense significance of its own, with nearly all quality sportsbooks offering one. All that differs is the extent of that bonus and indeed the terms around it; you can easily opt for the one you reckon to be most favorable.

NCAAF College Football Bets

Bets on NCAAF play can be of various kinds. Below we list some of the most prominent bets you are likely to place while betting on NCAAF games.

Runline NCAAF bets

Fairly simple to grasp once you get a hang of things; here it is all about a “line” (nothing but a set number of points) being drawn around which playing teams have to be, with a 0.5 differential.

So a negative runline such as 5.5 for a team favored to win would imply they would have to win by at least 6 points. Similarly, a positive runline such as 3.5 for an underdog team would mean that even if they lost, you would win if they lost by less than 4 points.

Total NCAAF Bets

Also referred to as over/under bets, the possibilities are simply endless here; the total points scored in a game, the total goals scored by a particular player, the total number of fouls occurring in a particular match, and so on.

Since these bets are simple and easy to place, they are quite popular.

Moneyline NCAAF Bets

Again, very simple bets; here you simply pick the winner of a game and sit back, awaiting the results! The team wins – you win too!

Prop NCAAF Bets

Largely revolving around unskilled bets, prop bets are pretty much a matter of chance and therefore, you need to determine whether you would like to indulge in them or not. An example would be whether the total points at the end of a game would be odd or even. Of course, there is no skillful way of knowing that!

Live NCAAF Bets

These are bets placed while an NCAAF game is on; of course, the thrill of such bets is invigorating!


The NCAAF offers bettors an excellent opportunity to diversify the leagues over which they place their bets. While there was a time when the NCAAF had relatively less importance, today whether it is viewership, sponsorship, as well as drafts made into the NBA, the NCAAF holds immense significance of its own.

Yes, given that many players in the NCAAF are rookies, you might want to study prior performance of teams and individual players before placing your bets. We also offer futures bets for the NCAAF & the best consensus picks for the NCAAF!

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