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When it comes to the NFL, most fans will take part in some form of sports betting or fantasy leagues. With the growth of online sports betting across the US becoming more widely available, many people new to online sports betting will want to be able to get an advantage over other bettors when placing wagers. In this article we’ll tell you what you need to know about NFL consensus picks.

Without a doubt, getting a leg up and understanding the odds on a particular online sportsbook will help you in the long run. Sports picks bring many benefits to bettors, whether it’s to manage their bankroll, gather more crucial information or in most cases increase their winnings.

At the top of the page, we bring you access to the best NFL consensus picks about, giving you the entire Consensus on the NFL.

While most fans will do their own research with the basic principles, many still get blindsided with their admiration for a specific team or take a gut reaction to an NFL matchup. Sports picks allow bettors to keep a clear head and get an expert’s opinion in which way a game might go and an indication of the scoreline.

NFL sports picks are betting tips given to amateur sports bettors by professional sports handicappers. These sports picks are typically used by bettors to try and make money betting on NFL matchups or playoffs.

US Leagues Betting has collectively amassed years of knowledge on sports betting and what to look out for when placing wagers online. We want to pass on this knowledge to NFL bettors and sports fans alike, to help with any online sports wagers they might be looking to make.

Our NFL picks will feature up-to-date information, giving you the experts’ opinion on the game all while using data and stats to help make informed decisions.  

Sports Handicapper

Basic skills and strategies lay the groundwork to make informed NFL bets.

Sports handicappers will gather information on teams’ performances and historic stats. They will research into the odds or ‘read the lines’ as to why the oddsmakers have set those lines, providing insight into why they’re wagering on one side of a match over the other.

These tips/ picks help to pave the groundwork for you to increase your chances of winnings. Typically this is done by doing your homework which includes taking several factors into account such as injuries, weather and home/away games to shortlist the winner.

The whole process is known as ‘handicapping’ in the sports betting circles. NFL consensus picks is another part of this.

NFL Computer Picks

While many sportsbooks will get their top handicapper to feature their expert advice on a match up, many websites now also include computer picks. While it’s still considered a new concept to the world of betting, there are many benefits and downfalls of using such a system. 

Humans are typically biased when it comes to talking about sports, they just can’t help it. It might be favoring the local team or gloating over one of their star prized players, all of these can cloud your judgement when making sports wagers.

Machines, on the other hand, don’t care if you have been a Patriots fan since high school, or about your Sunday ritual. The computer works with hard facts and stats from previous games and makes a prediction based on those factors.

If statistics show New England Patriots are most likely going to make the playoffs compared to Tennessee Titans then it’s most likely going to happen.

This is why advanced computer picks have grown in popularity within sports betting and sports fans as it takes out any team or player biased opinion. But it doesn’t mean it’s always right!

While it may give you clear stats, computer picks have a basis in the terms of facts and stats. They might not incorporate a winning streak, or that when it snows at home for the Green Bay Packers in the second half that they always go on to win the match.

Being favorites or not, some factors like the atmosphere of the fans can’t be factored into the equation, so upsets do happen. It’s all about finding the right mix of data, maths, and expert opinion when considering online NFL wagers.

NFL Bets

The three most popular forms of NFL picks are the spread, Over/ Unders and the Moneyline. These form the most popular type of bets placed by bettors, giving you the best place bets to make online. 

NFL Against the Spread Picks

One of the many picks that most fans want to hear about is the point spread. Considered as one of the toughest wagers to place, any expert tips will keep bettors from scratching their head too much!

The NFL point spread was developed to provide a balance for both teams involved in a match-up, it entices bettors to potentially back the weaker team which is known as the underdog and win.

In a point spread, the two teams will be listed either a favourite (-) or an underdog (+). Considering the favourite is perceived to be the better team in the NFL matchup, placing a wager on them means you will have to make sure not only do they have to win but also ‘cover the spread’.

For example: Miami Dolphins (-8) Vs Baltimore Ravens (+8)

In this scenario, Miami Dolphins are listed as a seven-point favourite, while Baltimore is the underdogs. The Miami Dolphins would have to win by at least 9 points for you to win the bet. Any victory by 8 points or less by the Baltimore Ravens would result in a loss. 

When you bet ‘against the spread’ it’s not about the winning team as such, but rather how much a team can be expected to win or lose by. 

NFL Moneyline Picks

Placing a wager on the Moneyline is simply choosing who will win the match!

Odds are associated with each NFL team involved in the bet based on their probability of winning. One team will be the favourite while the other is the underdog. While it might seem like a clear wager, sometimes the temptation of the underdog or favourite is hard to bet against. Moneyline picks offer amateur sports bettors to make sure they are picking the winning team. 

The amount of money you lay down will be based on the scale of the money-line/point-spread correlation. With the favorites, a larger wager will need to be laid when compared to the underdog for the same amount of winnings. What makes it exciting is the chance to capitalise on the underdog and expect a bigger payout if they win. 

NFL Total Picks (Over and Under)

Another popular wager for sports bettors is to bet on the total scored by both teams. Instead of picking a particular NFL team to win, it’s simply predicting if the total score posted by the online sportsbook will be Over or Under. 

Total Picks takes into account past match-ups and typical scoring averages and totals to give you best-placed information on the matchup. High scoring games can offer great opportunities for sports bettors if they sense the sportsbook has played their hand short on the total points posted.

Betting With or Against the Public

One of the top skills that handicappers and experts within sports betting have are being able to read the line. This takes years of experience and knowledge to notice small changes made by the sportsbook for the line bet against the team. With many pundits and sports news channels weighing in their opinion on a match-up, it can easily sway the public opinion and create a trend. 

Betting with or against the public can help if you can spot early on if the public is misinformed on a matchup helping to move the betting lines. While most people will be loading their bets for one particular team, to exploit certain angles and record significant winnings, experts will ‘fade the public’. When the line moves in the opposite direction, it’s a sure sign of expert bettors placing bets on the other side. 

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