NHL Future Odds

2021/2022 Stanley Cup - To Win

Buffalo Sabres +20000
St. Louis Blues +3300
Calgary Flames +5000
Nashville Predators +7000
Los Angeles Kings +7000
Vancouver Canucks +6000
Seattle Kraken +3000
Ottawa Senators +10000
New Jersey Devils +5000
Chicago Blackhawks +4000
San Jose Sharks +8000
Columbus Blue Jackets +15000
Anaheim Ducks +20000
Arizona Coyotes +15000
Detroit Red Wings +20000
Winnipeg Jets +3500
Dallas Stars +1800
Colorado Avalanche +450
Tampa Bay Lightning +600
Vegas Golden Knights +850
Toronto Maple Leafs +1100
Carolina Hurricanes +2200
Boston Bruins +1400
Montreal Canadiens +5500
Minnesota Wild +2500
Pittsburgh Penguins +2500
Philadelphia Flyers +3000
Florida Panthers +1800
New York Rangers +1800
Washington Capitals +3000
Edmonton Oilers +2500
New York Islanders +1600

NHL 2022 Eastern Conference - To WIn

Detroit Red Wings +10000
Toronto Maple Leafs +500
Boston Bruins +800
Florida Panthers +900
New York Islanders +800
Pittsburgh Penguins +1200
Carolina Hurricanes +1200
New York Rangers +1000
Washington Capitals +2000
Philadelphia Flyers +2200
Montreal Canadiens +2800
New Jersey Devils +3300
Ottawa Senators +8000
Buffalo Sabres +12500
Columbus Blue Jackets +6500
Tampa Bay Lightning +325

NHL 2022 Western Conference - To WIn

Seattle Kraken +1600
St Louis Blues +1800
Dallas Stars +900
Minnesota Wild +1200
Edmonton Oilers +1100
Vegas Golden Knights +400
Winnipeg Jets +1800
Chicago Blackhawks +2000
Calgary Flames +2200
Vancouver Canucks +3000
Los Angeles Kings +3500
Nashville Predators +3500
San Jose Sharks +4000
Anaheim Ducks +10000
Arizona Coyotes +10000
Colorado Avalanche +200

NHL future odds betting is one of the most popular NHL betting markets available at online bookies. Placing a futures bet means placing a wager on something that will happen in the future, it's that simple.

Sports fans placing a futures bet via a sportsbook might place a long-term wager on an NHL team to win the championship or maybe a player to score the most points throughout a season, and these types of bets are also known as an outright. 

NHL future odds bets are usually placed in the closed season when there are no competitive matches to bet on and teams are making preparations for the next campaign. NHL futures can however be placed whenever you want, as long as it's in advance of the season-ending.

Bettors will arguably get more value from a futures bet since you get to sweat the team or player they have backed for a longer period of time. If you bet on the next NHL Champion before the season starts, then your bet is active for as long as it's mathematically possible. You get a lot more entertainment value betting futures compared to a single money line bet on a specific NHL match.

NHL futures odds will change after the first face-off of the season and lengthen or shorten based on how well each team is performing. If you end-up picking a team that performs below expectations at the start of the season, but you have faith in them or the underlying stats show the team should be doing much better than the table suggests, you might want to bet again at better odds.

NHL Future Odds: What Are The Betting Markets?

NHL futures odds betting markets include: 

  • NHL Champion – betting futures Stanley Cup winner 
  • NHL Conference winners – predicting the winner of the West and East conference
  • NHL Most Valuable Player - picking the player to win the Hart Memorial Trophy for the best player 

The USLB team have built this website to provide information and the best odds available at US online sportsbooks. We test, try, and review all of the US online bookies with details on their odds and sign-up offers, to help our visitors find the best NHL futures odds. We recommend you check out our list of reputable US gambling operators to research the best odds, compare tech, and see if you qualify for a special sign-up bonus.

Picking NHL Futures

The NHL is the most-watched ice hockey league in the world and futures bets appeal to both the rookie gambler and the experienced NHL betting sharp.

Before you go to place an NHL futures bet, you will want to do your research on team news, social media rumors and check pre-season results to help you make a shortlist of teams with potential. When you have an idea of what you want to bet on, start researching NHL futures odds by shopping around for the best odds. a quick check of all available US sportsbooks can earn you much more value on your pick. Your research might have led you to the hot favorite, but the odds are bad, so you can decide if it's worth it. 

You don't need to place outright NHL futures bet in the pre-season. You might want to watch a few shortlisted teams to see how they fare in competitive matches before pulling the trigger and make a more informed decision. The odds will change depending on how a team starts, but this shouldn't move too much, and waiting for a few games can be a useful betting tactic. 

US sportsbooks always offer competitive odds on futures picks and this is because they want your betting dollars pre-season, they hope that you sign-up and will try to retain you with offers throughout the season to keep your loyalty. 

This is great for a savvy person, who is happy to shop around and try multiple bookies for the best odds and free bets. You can check-out our US sportsbook review pages to see the latest sign-up offers and sign-up to our newsletter for a weekly dose of sports betting information.

Which US Sportsbook Has the Best NHL Odds?

The NHL is a huge betting market for US sportsbooks, and they have numerous markets for the sport. Check out our Top US Sportsbooks reviews page to find the very best out there, with the best sign-up offers, odds and more.

These sportsbooks are all competing and take different approaches to setting odds, so check-out our odds comparison tool to quickly compare and convert odds!

NHL Championship Winners

These are the Stanley Cup Winners since the turn of the millennium:

2020-21 Tampa Bay Lightning  

2019-20 Tampa Bay Lightning  

2018-19 St. Louis Blues  

2017-18 Washington Capitals  

2016-17 Pittsburgh Penguins  

2015-16 Pittsburgh Penguins  

2014-15 Chicago Blackhawks  

2013-14 Los Angeles Kings  

2012-13 Chicago Blackhawks  

2011-12 Los Angeles Kings  

2010-11 Boston Bruins  

2009-10 Chicago Blackhawks  

2008-09 Pittsburgh Penguins

2007-08 Detroit Red Wings

2006-07 Anaheim Ducks

2005-06 Carolina Hurricanes

2004-05 N/A (Season cancelled due to NHL lockout)

2003-04 Tampa Bay Lightning

2002-03 New Jersey Devils

2001-02 Detroit Red Wings

2000-01 Colorado Avalanche

1999-2000 New Jersey Devils

Multiple Stanley Cup Winners

24: Montreal Canadiens

13: Toronto Maple Leafs

11: Detroit Red Wings

6: Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks

5: Edmonton Oilers, Pittsburgh Penguins

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