NHL Odds

Monday, 25 October
7:08 PM
Dallas Stars vs Columbus Blue Jackets
+1.5 -225 -1.5 +185BOVADA
+0.5 -193 -0.5 1675DIMES
7:08 PM
Calgary Flames vs New York Rangers
-1.5 +180 +1.5 -220BOVADA
-0.5 169 +0.5 -1975DIMES
7:08 PM
Arizona Coyotes vs Florida Panthers
+1.5 +105 -1.5 -125BOVADA
+1.5 110 -1.5 -1205DIMES
7:08 PM
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Carolina Hurricanes
-1.5 +230 +1.5 -280BOVADA
-0.5 145 +0.5 -1655DIMES
7:08 PM
Washington Capitals vs Ottawa Senators
+1.5 -170 -1.5 +145BOVADA
+0.5 -240 -0.5 2005DIMES
7:08 PM
Tampa Bay Lightning vs Buffalo Sabres
-1.5 +120 +1.5 -140BOVADA
+0.5 -325 -0.5 2655DIMES
8:08 PM
Los Angeles Kings vs St. Louis Blues
-1.5 +130 +1.5 -150BOVADA
-0.5 230 +0.5 -2705DIMES

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How to bet on NHL odds

There are hundreds of NHL betting markets and loads of US bookies who take bets on the National Hockey League. The online betting companies will set odds for every single NHL match of the season and odds on NHL futures or special prop bets before the NHL season commences. 

The USLB team is a group of avid sports fans and people that have worked in the betting industry for many years, so we are here to share our knowledge and tips to help others navigate the world of gambling. We are here to explain how NHL odds work and share advice on what you need to know before entering a US sportsbook or online casino. 

NHL Straight Bet Odds

The most basic bet you can place on an NHL game is a straight pick and there are two odds markets available to make your selection. You can place a point spread, which means you place a bet based on how many points a team will win or lose by. Or, you can place a straight-up bet on the money line odds. You need to correctly pick the team to win or lose the match to collect your winnings.  

Every online US sportsbook sets its Moneyline or a point spread by calculating the chances of each team and setting odds to even out the match-up when one team is a big favorite. When a team top of the league and unbeaten play a poor team sitting at rock bottom of the league there is obviously one huge favorite to win. The odds point spread is set by professional betting traders to make the match-up more entertaining for bettors and equal from a betting perspective. 

NHL Point Spread Odds Explained

When placing a point spread bet, the team you back needs to win or lose by more than the points spread. If a hot favorite is priced at -10, they must win by 11 or more points for you to win your bet. 

The Moneyline gives you how much you need to bet and can win, it's the positive or negative number next to the points spread. For example, you might have seen NHL odds that look like this:

Tampa Bay Lightning -1 (-110)

New York Islanders +1 (+110)

Betting on Tampa Bay to win more than 2 points will return $100 per $110 bet. If the game ends with Tampa winning by 1 point, the bet is a tie and your betting stake is returned. and you get your original stake back.

NHL Moneyline odds Explained

You can also just bet on Moneyline odds which shows the amount needed to bet to win $100. The favorite team will be listed as a large negative number, such as -220, and means you have to bet $220 to make $100 or if you bet $110 you'll win $50. 

NHL Over-Under Odds Explained 

You can also bet on what you think the total final score will be, by betting either under or over the line the sportsbook predicts. You place a wager on what you think the total scores of both teams will be combined. The over-under odds line in a game between Tampa Bay Lightning and New York Islanders might be 6. If you bet over you need the total score to be 7 or above, so any combination of scores totally over 7 will win your bet. 

NFL Parlay Odds

Parlays bets or accumulators are great for anyone looking for the thrill of much bigger odds. You pick a selection of bets and combine them into one bet or a single wager. The more picks you make will increase the total odds in your parlay because every bet added is multiplied. The total winnings from a $10 10-pick parlay can be thousands of dollars, but if one match lets you down, you win nothing and the odds are mathematically stacked against you. 

NHL Futures Odds

A futures bet is a long-term bet that can last for months or even years to get decided. This is a great bet for anyone who doesn't mind sweating the full NHL season and you can sometimes get great odds if you manage to pick an outsider that has an impressive start to the new season. 

NFL Prop Bet Odds

A prop bet is any other type of wager that covers anything that happens in a match or season. This is a fun type of bet for someone who wants action in a game, but can't decide who will win or just wants to bet for fun while watching a match on TV. An example of a popular NHL prop bet is betting if a player will score a goal, betting on either yes or no. You can also bet on player vs player head to head match-ups, such as who will assist or score more in the game.

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