CFL Future Odds

Currently there are no futures available.

CFL Futures

CFL futures markets give fans the chance to bet on Canadian Football League outrights, such as division winners and Grey Cup champions.

CFL futures markets are typically available well in advance of the competition conclusion and remaining open until the final outcome is known.

Many fans enjoy betting on futures as it offers a chance to get big odds on long-term events, so fans can show off their knowledge of the teams and their situation, such as roster strength, the ability of the coach and player fitness. 

Types of CFL futures

The type of CFL future bets vary, depending on the sportsbook but typically, fans can bet on:

Grey Cup winner

Which team will prevail over the course of the season and win the Grey Cup?

Division Winner

The CFL’s teams are divided into two divisions - East and West. Some sportsbooks give fans the chance to predict the winners of each division as part of their CFL futures offering.

Player futures

Some sportsbooks even offer outrights on players, including who will be named most valuable player for the season, who will throw the most yards and who will rush the most yards. 

Picking the winners

CFL futures betting favours those who really know the teams, the players and the general landscape of the game. The biggest odds are available before a ball is kicked, but that also carries greater risk. Some savvy bettors prefer to wait a few weeks into the season, to evaluate how each roster is taking shape in the early stages of the season and try to use this information to inform their bets.

  • Some things to consider when betting on CFL futures:
  • How did the team perform last season?
  • Does the team have a proven track record of success?
  • Who is the coach?
  • How strong is the roster and has it been improved during the draft?
  • Are any key players injured or prone to injury?
  • How strong is the team traditionally at home and on the road?
  • Importantly, what are the odds? Has the sportsbook priced your selection well or is there good value to be had?

Previous Grey Cup winners

One important factor to consider is the team’s history - do they have a track record of success? First held in 1909 the Grey Cup is the ultimate CFL prize.

Most Grey Cup wins

Toronto Argonauts 17

Edmonton Eskimos 14

Winnipeg Blue Bombers 11

Hamilton Tiger-Cats 8

Calgary Stampeders 8

Montreal Alouettes 7

BC Lions 6

Saskatchewan Roughriders 4

Ottawa Redblacks 1

Grey cup winners by year

2019 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

2018 Calgary Stampeders

2017 Toronto Argonauts

2016 Ottawa RedBlacks

2015 Edmonton Eskimos

2014 Calgary Stampeders

2013 Saskatchewan Roughriders

2012 Toronto Argonauts

2011 British Columbia Lions

2010 Montreal Alouettes

2009 Montreal Alouettes

2008 Calgary Stampeders

2007 Saskatchewan Roughriders

2006 British Columbia Lions

2005 Edmonton Eskimos

2004 Toronto Argonauts

2003 Edmonton Eskimos

2002 Montreal Alouettes

2001 Calgary Stampeders

2000 British Columbia Lions

1999 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

1998 Calgary Stampeders

1997 Toronto Argonauts

1996 Toronto Argonauts

1995 Baltimore Stallions

1994 British Columbia Lions

1993 Edmonton Eskimos

1992 Calgary Stampeders

1991 Toronto Argonauts

1990 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

1989 Saskatchewan Roughriders

1988 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

1987 Edmonton Eskimos

1986 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

1985 British Columbia Lions

1984 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

1983 Toronto Argonauts

1982 Edmonton Eskimos

1981 Edmonton Eskimos

1980 Edmonton Eskimos

1979 Edmonton Eskimos

1978 Edmonton Eskimos

1977 Montreal Alouettes

1976 Ottawa Rough Riders

1975 Edmonton Eskimos

1974 Montreal Alouettes

1973 Ottawa Rough Riders

1972 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

1971 Calgary Stampeders

1970 Montreal Alouettes

1969 Ottawa Rough Riders

1968 Ottawa Rough Riders

1967 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

1966 Saskatchewan Roughriders

1965 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

1964 British Columbia Lions

1963 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

1962 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

1961 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

1960 Ottawa Rough Riders

1959 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

1958 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

1957 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

1956 Edmonton Eskimos

1955 Edmonton Eskimos

1954 Edmonton Eskimos

1953 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

1952 Toronto Argonauts

1951 Ottawa Rough Riders

1950 Toronto Argonauts

1949 Montreal Alouettes

1948 Calgary Stampeders

1947 Toronto Argonauts

1946 Toronto Argonauts

1945 Toronto Argonauts

1944 Montreal St. H-D Navy

1943 Hamilton Flying Wildcats

1942 Toronto RCAF Hurricanes

1941 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

1940 Ottawa Rough Riders

1939 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

1938 Toronto Argonauts

1937 Toronto Argonauts

1936 Sarnia Imperials

1935 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

1934 Sarnia Imperials

1933 Toronto Argonauts

1932 Hamilton Tigers

1931 Montreal Winged Wheelers

1930 Toronto Balmy Beach

1929 Hamilton Tigers

1928 Hamilton Tigers

1927 Toronto Balmy Beach

1926 Ottawa Senators

1925 Ottawa Senators

1924 Queen’s University

1923 Queen’s University

1922 Queen’s University

1921 Toronto Argonauts

1920 Toronto Argonauts

1915 Hamilton Tigers

1914 Toronto Argonauts

1913 Hamilton Tigers

1912 Hamilton Alerts

1911 Toronto Argonauts

1910 Hamilton Tigers

1909 Toronto Parkdale

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