NFL Future Odds

AFC Championship - To Win

Jacksonville Jaguars +4000
Kansas City Chiefs +250
Houston Texans +8000
Cincinnati Bengals +4500
New York Jets +5500
Denver Broncos +900
Las Vegas Raiders +2800
New England Patriots +1100
Los Angeles Chargers +1400
Tennessee Titans +1200
Miami Dolphins +1800
Pittsburgh Steelers +2000
Indianapolis Colts +1200
Cleveland Browns +700
Baltimore Ravens +800
Buffalo Bills +600

AFC East Division - To Win

Miami Dolphins +350
Buffalo Bills -150
New York Jets +1600
New England Patriots +300

AFC North Division - To Win

Cincinnati Bengals +1400
Pittsburgh Steelers +350
Cleveland Browns +140
Baltimore Ravens +135

AFC South Division - To Win

Indianapolis Colts +110
Jacksonville Jaguars +700
Houston Texans +2000
Tennessee Titans +100

AFC West Division - To Win

Denver Broncos +400
Las Vegas Raiders +1200
Los Angeles Chargers +600
Kansas City Chiefs -250

NFC Championship - To Win

New Orleans Saints +1400
Seattle Seahawks +1100
Detroit Lions +6000
San Francisco 49ers +500
Los Angeles Rams +600
Green Bay Packers +700
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +300
Dallas Cowboys +1200
Arizona Cardinals +1600
Carolina Panthers +3000
New York Giants +2800
Washington Football Team +2000
Chicago Bears +2200
Philadelphia Eagles +3300
Atlanta Falcons +3000
Minnesota Vikings +2000

NFC East Division - To Win

New York Giants +350
Philadelphia Eagles +600
Dallas Cowboys +130
Washington Football Team +160

NFC North Division - To Win

Detroit Lions +1600
Chicago Bears +325
Minnesota Vikings +200
Green Bay Packers -120

NFC South Division - To Win

Tampa Bay Buccaneers -200
New Orleans Saints +300
Carolina Panthers +1000
Atlanta Falcons +600

NFC West Division - To Win

Los Angeles Rams +200
San Francisco 49ers +205
Seattle Seahawks +275
Arizona Cardinals +400

Superbowl 56 - To Win

Detroit Lions +15000
Dallas Cowboys +2400
Pittsburgh Steelers +4000
Indianapolis Colts +2500
Miami Dolphins +3000
Seattle Seahawks +2200
New Orleans Saints +2800
Cleveland Browns +1400
Los Angeles Rams +1200
San Francisco 49ers +1400
Baltimore Ravens +1600
Buffalo Bills +1200
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +550
Green Bay Packers +1400
Kansas City Chiefs +500
Tennessee Titans +2200
Arizona Cardinals +4000
Los Angeles Chargers +3000
Houston Texans +20000
Cincinnati Bengals +8000
New York Jets +10000
New York Giants +6600
Carolina Panthers +6000
Jacksonville Jaguars +7000
Denver Broncos +2000
Chicago Bears +4500
Atlanta Falcons +6000
Washington Football Team +4000
Las Vegas Raiders +5000
Philadelphia Eagles +6600
Minnesota Vikings +4000
New England Patriots +2000

How To Bet on NFL Futures (Future Odds)

These are mostly "Odds to Win" type of bets and this is how it works. Bettors choose a team to win a certain event that will take place in the future, thus future odds, future wagers. As an example, I choose Falcons to win Super Bowl or Ravens to win AFC Championship.

After a bettor chooses the team they place a wager on it and the wagered money stays tied up until the outcome of the chosen event. In my case that would be the Super Bowl and if Falcons win, I win, too.

The sportsbooks set odds before the start of the season for each event and they change them throughout the season depending on factors like team's success.
This is quite fun to try to predict the winners early in the season, as well as it may be profitable as the odds are higher at the beginning. However, if you wager a large amount, it will be tied up for a long time.

How to figure out the wager amounts? If Falcons future odds to win the Super Bowl is +1500, if I wager $100 now, this would make me $1,500 profit in case they win.

Interested in current betting lines? Check out NFL odds as well as NFL Computer Picks for more insights.

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