NCAAF Future Odds

Currently there are no futures available.

A futures bet is a wager on an event or series that will finish in the future, as opposed to betting on a single game or match. As such, NCAAF future odds usually refer to who'll win the College Football Playoff National Championship.

NCAAF Future Odds: What Are The Betting Markets?

NCAAF future odds betting markets include: 

  • College Football Playoff National Championship – picking the winner of the NCAA football post-season championship game
  • Heisman Trophy – predicting the winner of the Heisman Trophy, which is awarded to the most outstanding player in college football
  • Maxwell Award – predicting the winner of the Maxwell Award, which is awarded to the best all-round player in college football
  • Walter Camp Award – predicting the winner of the Walter Camp Award, which is awarded to the football player of the year as voted by head coaches
  • Football win totals – predicting the total number of games a college will win during the regular season
  • D1 Conference Champions – predicting the conference football champion of The American, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, C-USA, Ind., MAC, MW, Pac-12, SEC or Sun Belt conferences.

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Picking NCAAF Futures

These are mostly "Odds to Win" type of bets, and here we'll explain how this kind of bet works.

Bettors choose a team to win a certain event that will take place in the future, thus receiving future odds. As an example, I choose LSU to win the Playoffs.

After a bettor chooses the team they place a wager on it and the wagered money stays tied up until the outcome of the chosen event. In my case that would be the Playoffs and if LSU win, I win my wager.

Sportsbooks set odds before the start of the season for each event and they change them throughout the season depending on factors like team's success.

It can be quite fun to try and predict the winners early in the season, and it may also be profitable as the odds are higher at the beginning. However, if you wager a large amount, it will be tied up for a long time.

How to figure out the wager amounts? If LSU's future odds to win the Playoffs are +1500, and if I wager $100 now, this would make me $1,500 profit in the eventuality they win.

Don’t worry if you miss the start of the season, you can place an outright NCAAF futures bet at any point up until the final game of the year. This allows you to watch the teams on your shortlist get some game time under their belts and means you can make a more informed futures pick.  

Interested in current betting lines? Check out NCAAF odds as well as NCAAF Consensus Picks for more insights.

Which US Sportsbook Has the Best NCAAF Odds?

Whilst the NCAAF may not attract the level of betting interest that the NFL does, it's still pretty big business for US sportsbooks, and they have some markets available for it.

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NCAAF Championship Winners

These are the College Football Playoff National Championship winners since the turn of the millennium:

2020 Alabama

2019 LSU

2018 Clemson

2017 Alabama

2016 Clemson

2015 Alabama

2014 Ohio State

2013 Florida State

2012 Alabama

2011 Alabama

2010 Auburn

2009 Alabama

2008 Florida

2007 LSU

2006 Florida

2005 Texas

2004 Southern California

2003 LSU, Southern California

2002 Ohio State

2001 Miami

2000 Oklahoma

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