WNBA Future Odds

Currently there are no futures available.

WNBA future odds betting provides sports fans with odds on predicting a team to win a season long competition or a specific sports event. You are ultimately predicting and betting on an outcome that will happen in the future, hence the term future picks. Futures are also known as an outright bet, a season-long pick or ante-post bet.

Futures picks can be placed months or even years in advance of the competition end date and US sportsbooks will sometimes offer very high odds on a WBNA futures pick.

If you’re someone that’s patient enough to place a long-term wager and are happy to shop around to find the best futures odds, then placing a WNBA futures bet is probably for you.

WNBA Future Odds: What Are The Betting Markets?

Typical WNBA future odds markets include: 

  • WNBA Finals – picking a team to win the overall WNBA Championship
  • WNBA Conference champions – predicting the winner of the East or West conference 
  • WNBA All-Star Game – betting on the game between the best WNBA players 
  • WNBA MVP - picking the best player of the year (Most Valuable Player)

You might already have a preferred betting site, but we recommend checking out new US sportsbooks that offer sports betting sign-up offers and free bets to find the best value futures WNBA odds.

If you’re happy to play the long-game and don’t mind comparing different US sportsbooks for the best WNBA futures odds, then the futures betting market is a good one to try.

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Picking WNBA Futures

Betting on WNBA futures makes for an entertaining, rollercoaster ride throughout the entire season, as you follow the highs and lows of game-by-game results while seeing your futures pick flourish or struggle.

Futures betting can be extremely rewarding if you find good odds, but what do you need to look at when making your picks? As soon as the WNBA odds lines are posted, you should be researching every single team and looking for good value. Looking at the strength and depth of each team, making notes of any new signings, assessing coaches and checking recent records.

Research is always key when making any sports bets, but with future picks you need to think about the long-game and predict things that could happen in the future.

The WNBA futures market is available throughout the season and you can bet on an outright winner right up until the final game of the season. This means the odds will also move during the season based on results, and you can make an informed pick once you have studied what’s been going on. 

You might like the chances of a team to win the WNBA finals, but don’t want to place a bet at the start of the season because you expect them to start slowly – a key player might be injured or the team starts with a tough run of fixtures, so your strategy might be to monitor them closely and place a bet once the odds drift in your favor or you get some affirmation of the team's form.

It’s common for US sportsbooks to set competitive odds on WNBA futures picks. The bookies are all competing with each other to secure you as a sports betting customer for the season, so will offer higher pre-season WNBA futures odds in the hope that you sign-up and keep coming back to make wagers for the season.

Be sure to check-out our trustworthy sportsbook review pages and make the most of sign-up offers before you place a bet, even a very slight improvement on the odds is worth snapping-up.

Which US Sportsbook Has the Best WNBA Odds?

US sportsbooks have numerous markets for the WNBA. Check out our Top US Sportsbooks reviews page to find the very best out there, with the best sign-up offers, odds and more.

These sportsbooks are all competing and take different approaches to setting odds, so check-out our odds comparison tool to quickly compare and convert odds!

WNBA Championship Winners

These are the WNBA Championship winners since the turn of the millennium:

2021 Chicago Sky

2020 Seattle Storm

2019 Washington Mystics

2018 Seattle Storm

2017 Minnesota Lynx

2016 Los Angeles Sparks[c]

2015 Minnesota Lynx

2014 Phoenix Mercury

2013 Minnesota Lynx

2012 Indiana Fever

2011 Minnesota Lynx

2010 Seattle Storm

2009 Phoenix Mercury

2008 Detroit Shock

2007 Phoenix Mercury

2006 Detroit Shock

2005 Sacramento Monarchs

2004 Seattle Storm

2003 Detroit Shock

2002 Los Angeles Sparks

2001 Los Angeles Sparks

2000 Houston Comets

Number of WNBA Final wins

4: Houston Comets, Minnesota Lynx, Seattle Storm

3: LA Sparks, Phoenix Mercury, Dallas Wings

1: Indiana Fever, Sacramento Monarchs, Washington Mystics, Chicago Sky

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