NBA Future Odds

2021/2022 NBA Championship - TO Win

Houston Rockets +25000
New York Knicks +4500
Memphis Grizzlies +8000
Indiana Pacers +8000
Chicago Bulls +4000
Washington Wizards +12500
San Antonio Spurs +20000
Charlotte Hornets +10000
Oklahoma City Thunder +30000
Minnesota Twolves +15000
Orlando Magic +20000
Sacramento Kings +20000
Cleveland Cavaliers +25000
Detroit Pistons +25000
Toronto Raptors +10000
Portland Blazers +5000
Brooklyn Nets +240
Los Angeles Lakers +270
Milwaukee Bucks +900
Golden State Warriors +1000
Utah Jazz +1400
Los Angeles Clippers +2000
Denver Nuggets +1800
Philadelphia 76Ers +2000
New Orleans Pelicans +8000
Boston Celtics +4000
Miami Heat +2000
Atlanta Hawks +4000
Dallas Mavericks +2400
Phoenix Suns +1600

NBA Atlantic Division - To Win

Philadelphia 76ers +350
Boston Celtics +750
New York Knicks +1400
Toronto Raptors +3300
Brooklyn Nets -225

NBA Central Division - To Win

Milwaukee Bucks -1000
Chicago Bulls +800
Indiana Pacers +950
Cleveland Cavaliers +17500
Detroit Pistons +20000

NBA Eastern Conference - To Win

Cleveland Cavaliers +15000
Brooklyn Nets +110
Milwaukee Bucks +400
Philadelphia 76ers +800
Miami Heat +1200
Atlanta Hawks +1800
Boston Celtics +1600
New York Knicks +2500
Chicago Bulls +2000
Detroit Pistons +15000
Orlando Magic +15000
Charlotte Hornets +4000
Washington Wizards +5000
Toronto Raptors +4000
Indiana Pacers +4000

NBA Northwest Division - To Win

Oklahoma City Thunder +20000
Utah Jazz -275
Denver Nuggets +325
Portland Trail Blazers +625
Minnesota Timberwolves +6000

NBA Pacific Division - To Win

Sacramento Kings +12500
LA Clippers +1200
Golden State Warriors +400
Phoenix Suns +190
Los Angeles Lakers +100

NBA Southeast Division - To Win

Atlanta Hawks +120
Miami Heat -120
Charlotte Hornets +1200
Washington Wizards +2500
Orlando Magic +15000

NBA Southwest Division - To Win

Dallas Mavericks -275
Memphis Grizzlies +425
New Orleans Pelicans +475
San Antonio Spurs +5000
Houston Rockets +12500

NBA Western Conference - To Win

Dallas Mavericks +1200
Los Angeles Clippers +900
Denver Nuggets +1200
Phoenix Suns +650
Utah Jazz +600
Golden State Warriors +500
Portland Trail Blazers +2800
Memphis Grizzlies +4000
New Orleans Pelicans +4000
San Antonio Spurs +8000
Sacramento Kings +12500
Minnesota Timberwolves +8000
Houston Rockets +15000
Oklahoma City Thunder +15000
Los Angeles Lakers +170

NBA future odds give basketball fans long-term odds on picking an NBA team to win the playoffs, a conference or other future events. A futures bet is a wager on an event or series that will finish in the future, as opposed to betting on a single game or match.

NBA futures are typically placed in closed season and are called future bets because they happen after a competition is over. A future bet is also commonly known as an outright bet or a season-long wager.

NBA futures are placed years, months or weeks in advance of an NBA season ending. The fun aspect of placing a futures bet is that you get to root for a much longer period of time, compared to betting on a single game. For example, your NBA Champion futures pick will run for the whole season, whereas a moneyline bet on a single game lasts for a couple of hours.

NBA Future Odds: What Are The Betting Markets?

NBA futures odds betting markets include: 

  • NBA Champion – picking the overall NBA finals winner
  • NBA Conference winners – predicting the winner of the West and East conference 
  • NBA Division winner – winners of the division 
  • NBA Most Valuable Player - picking the player who will be crowned the MVP

You might already have a preferred betting site, but we recommend checking out new US sportsbooks that offer sports betting sign-up offers and free bets to find the best value futures NBA odds.

If you’re happy to play the long-game and don’t mind comparing different US sportsbooks for the best NBA futures odds, then the futures betting market is a good one to try.

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Picking NBA Futures

The NBA is super popular worldwide and every game is televised, which adds to the popularity of NBA futures bets which appeal to all types of bettors, from the casual gambler to seasoned sports betting sharps.

Researching NBA futures odds can be satisfying when you find generous pre-season odds. So, what do you need to know before placing your bet?

There is plenty of information and news out there to help you formulate your picks. Keep track of breaking sports news, social media updates, follow the draft, check for free picks and closely follow postseason form.

Don’t worry if you miss the start of the season, you can place an outright NBA futures bet at any point up until the final game of the year. This allows you to watch the teams on your shortlist get some game time under their belts and means you can make a more informed futures pick.  

It’s common for US sportsbooks to set competitive odds on NBA futures picks. The bookies are all competing with each other to secure you as a sports betting customer for the season, so will offer higher pre-season NBA futures odds in the hope that you sign-up and keep coming back to make wagers for the season.

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Which US Sportsbook Has the Best NBA Odds?

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NBA Championship Winners

These are the NBA Championship winners since the turn of the millennium:

2021 Milwaukee Bucks

2020 Los Angeles Lakers

2019 Toronto Raptors

2018 Golden State Warriors

2017 Golden State Warriors

2016 Cleveland Cavaliers

2015 Golden State Warriors

2014 Golden State Warriors

2013 Miami Heat

2012 Miami Heat

2011 Dallas Mavericks

2010 Los Angeles Lakers

2009 Los Angeles Lakers

2008 Boston Celtics

2007 San Antonio Spurs

2006 Miami Heat

2005 San Antonio Spurs

2004 Detroit Pistons

2003 San Antonio Spurs

2002 Los Angeles Lakers

2001 Los Angeles Lakers

2000 Los Angeles Lakers

Multiple NBA Play-off Winners

17: Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers

6: Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls

5: San Antonio Spurs

3: Philadelphia 76ers, Detroit Piston, Miami Heat

2: New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks

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