NCAAB Future Odds

2022 NCAA Men´s Basketball Championship - To Win

Stanford +8000
Miami FL +10000
NC State +12500
SMU +12500
St. Johns +10000
St. Louis +10000
VCU +15000
Butler +15000
Cincinnati +12500
Davidson +12500
Loyola Chicago +10000
Marquette +10000
Georgetown +10000
Dayton +15000
Texas AM +15000
Wichita State +10000
Colorado +12500
Oregon State +10000
UNLV +8000
Xavier +10000
Arizona State +6500
Belmont +20000
Boise State +25000
BYU +20000
Mississipi State +15000
Ole Miss +15000
TCU +20000
Temple +20000
Wake Forest +20000
Northern Iowa +25000
California +30000
Rhode Island +30000
Vanderbilt +30000
Washington +30000
Boston College +50000
DePaul +50000
St Marys CA +20000
Pittsburgh +20000
Penn State +20000
Providence +15000
South Carolina +15000
Utah +15000
Utah State +15000
Georgia +20000
Iowa State +20000
Kansas State +20000
Minnesota +20000
Nebraska +20000
Nevada +20000
Washington State +20000
Seton Hall +8000
Gonzaga +600
Houston +4000
Illinois +1600
Louisville +5000
Maryland +5000
Michigan State +5000
North Carolina +3000
Virginia +5500
Connecticut +5000
Oklahoma +5000
Oregon +5000
Texas +1400
Kentucky +1000
Florida State +4000
Michigan +900
UCLA +1200
Villanova +1800
Alabama +2500
Baylor +2500
Ohio State +2800
Arkansas +3000
Duke +1000
Kansas +1600
Purdue +1600
Syracuse +5000
Texas Tech +4000
San Diego State +8000
St. Bonaventure +6000
Tennessee +6500
Clemson +8000
Colorado State +20000
Drake +20000
Florida +8000
LSU +5000
Notre Dame +9000
Richmond +20000
Oklahoma State 0
Missouri +8000
Iowa +8000
USC +6000
West Virginia +5000
Wisconsin +6500
Creighton +6000
Memphis +800
Virginia Tech +4000
Arizona +5000
Auburn +5000
Georgia Tech +10000
Indiana +10000
Rutgers +8000

Just like wagering on any sports market, for fans looking to bet on college basketball futures, it’s important to know how to get the best value. Smart bettors will compare NCAAB future odds, time their bets to perfection and, of course, seek out the best bonuses and free bets.

Just like the NBA, any good sportsbook will offer fans a wealth of betting options, whether it’s the moneyline, points spread, parlays or prop bets. But here, we’re going to focus specifically on NCAAB futures betting.

Futures - also known as “outrights” - challenges the sports bettor to think long-term by picking the winner of an overall tournament, event or part of an event.

NCAAB Future Odds: What Are The Betting Markets?

NCAAB futures odds betting markets include: 

  • NCAA March Madness – picking the winner of the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament
  • Naismith College Player of the Year – predicting the winner of the Naismith College Player of the Year, which is awarded to the top men's and women's collegiate basketball players
  • John R. Wooden Award – predicting the winner of the John R. Wooden Award, which is awarded to the most outstanding men's and women's collegiate basketball players
  • Associated Press College Basketball Player of the Year – predicting the winner of the AP Award, which is awarded to the best men's college basketball player of the year as voted by the Associated Press (AP)
  • Win totals – predicting the total number of games a college will win during the regular season
  • D1 Conference Champions – predicting the conference football champion of 32 D1 conferences.

Picking NCAAB Futures

When betting on futures, there are fewer options available because there’s only a certain number of things to win. Unlike betting on an individual match, the number of outcomes is much more limited.

So, why is NCAA futures betting popular? You know that guy in the bar who says “Kentucky’s got a good team this year”? Well, futures betting is his chance to put his money where his mouth is.

If he thinks Kentucky will win the national championship, he can head to his favourite sportsbook and bet on exactly that. 

Futures betting is particularly popular because it rewards long-term punts with juicy odds. The downside is that you have to wait until the end of the season or at least the resolution of the given tournament to get your money.

Or do you? Many online sportsbooks will offer you a cashout price so you can get your hands on your money early. And, of course, you don’t have to make your prediction at the start of the season - it’s possible to bet on college basketball futures deep into the season, even if the outcome looks nailed on.

Picking the overall champion isn’t the only option available either. You can pick the winners of conferences and divisions or go for options such as ‘to reach the final’, ‘to be in the final four’ or ‘champions without X’ where your selection wins if they are beaten by the stated team in the final. 

Which US Sportsbook Has the Best NCAAB Odds?

It’s common for US sportsbooks to set competitive odds on NCAA futures picks, as there is plenty of interest in college basketball, which is where the NBA's stars of tomorrow serve their apprenticeships. The bookies are all competing with each other to secure you as a sports betting customer for the season, so will offer higher pre-season NCAA futures odds in the hope that you sign-up and keep coming back to make wagers for the season.

These sportsbooks are all competing and take different approaches to setting odds, so check-out our odds comparison tool to quickly compare and convert odds!

You might already have a preferred betting site, but we recommend checking out new US sportsbooks that offer sports betting sign-up offers and free bets to find the best value futures NCAAB odds.

The USLB team has done most of the hard work for you when it comes to shortlisting reputable US sportsbooks with high odds, so check-out our featured sportsbook bonus offers and odds conversion tool!.  

NCAAB D1 Championship Winners

These are the NCAA D1 Championship winners since the turn of the millennium:

2021 Baylor

2020 Canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic

2019 Virginia

2018 Villanova

2017 North Carolina

2016 Villanova

2015 Duke

2014 Connecticut

2013 Louisville

2012 Kentucky

2011 Connecticut

2010 Duke

2009 North Carolina

2008 Kansas

2007 Florida

2006 Florida

2005 North Carolina

2004 Connecticut

2003 Syracuse

2002 Maryland

2001 Duke

2000 Michigan State

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