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Baseball is a hugely popular sport among Americans and betting on MLB odds is a favorite pastime for many. Baseball fans love stats and crunching the numbers, so finding value in MLB odds is a skill in itself.

As any fan will tell you, baseball is game of great depth and complexity and that means there’s always plenty to bet on, both pre-match and in-play.

There is no shortage of MLB games either. Each of the 30 teams plays 162 times - a total of 2,430 matches in the regular season. Even in the postseason, it’s possible for teams to play a further 20 matches.

MLB Straight Bet Odds

The most common type of MLB bet is a straight bet, where you bet on who you think will win the game - it's as simple as that. Just pick the team you think will win the game outright, and wager on the MLB odds against the spread or bet the moneyline odds straight-up.

Online sportsbooks will set a line for every MLB fixture to create a more equal playing field between teams of different standards. A more superior team will be the odds-on favorite and betting on them to win straight-up will not offer much value.

The oddsmakers get that people like to bet for enjoyment and will spread the points to even out the match-up – which makes it more interesting to gamble on with more appealing betting odds.

MLB Runline (Point Spread)

Runline betting in MLB is similar to spread betting seen in other sports - hugely popular in NFL betting - or handicap betting.

In the runline market, one team starts the match with a two-run advantage, so, essentially, you are betting on one team to win by at least two runs. This type of market is particularly popular if one team is a strong favourite to win. You are able to bet on them to win with a -1.5 handicap, to enjoy greater odds.

Here’s an example of MLB runline odds:

Chicago Red Sox +1.5 (-150) @ New York Yankees -1.5 (+120).

In this example, a bet on New York would win if the Yankees won by at least two runs. A bet on Chicago would win if they win the match or lose by only one run.

MLB Moneyline Explained

If you don't like the look of the point spreads or just don't want to have to work it all out, you can bet on the final outcome of the game by picking moneyline odds.

The moneyline is similar to the plus and minus seen in a point spread. However, the moneyline odds will be much higher or lower based on the strength of each team.

MLB Total Odds - Over-Under Betting Explained

The MLB over-under market is a bet on the total number of runs that will be scored by both teams combined in a game.

For example, in a match Atlanta Braves vs Tampa Bay Rays, fans can bet on a total of eight runs or more, or fewer than eight runs. The bet is irrespective of the match result.

If you want to place a bet, but don't like the moneyline odds or runline odds, you can sit back, relax and root for the final score.

The sportsbook will publish an odds line for the total score and you wager on the total score being under (lower) or over (higher) the sportsbooks line. If the over-under odds line between the Braves and Rays is 8.5 and you wager on the over, you need a total score of at least 9 runs to win.

MLB Parlay Odds

An MLB parlay is when you combine multiple selections together into a single bet to get higher odds than a single bet. A sportsbook will multiply the odds of every selection into a much larger wager. The reason placing a parlay is great fun is because you follow the outcome of multiple bets at once and you’re looking at a huge payday if they all come in.

When placing an MLB parlay you need every selection to win and if one pick fails it’s game over for your bet. You should always shop around at different US sportsbooks for a parlay free bet or insurance - so if one pick loses you will be rewarded with a free loyalty bet.

MLB Futures Odds

A futures bet is a long-term bet that will be settled in the future. People like to place an MLB futures bet when they want to wager on a season-long outcome, such as a championship.

MLB futures odds can provide great value, because you can bet higher odds on a team before the oddsmakers know how well a team will perform in a new MLB season.

MLB Prop Bet

A prop bet provides odds on pretty much everything else not mentioned above that can happen in an MLB game. The US Leagues Betting team likes to place prop bets every now and again when we don’t have much interest in who wins a particular match, but still want to get in on the action for fun.

Which US Sportsbook Has the Best MLB Odds?

Setting odds for the MLB is pretty important amongst US sportsbooks and the lines are set accurately by pro oddsmakers. Check out our Top US Sportsbooks reviews page to find the very best out there, with the best sign-up offers, odds and more.

However, the bookies are all competing and have different views when it comes to setting odds, so check-out our odds comparison tool to quickly compare and convert odds!

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