MLB Odds

Thursday, 23 September
2:10 PM
St. Louis Cardinals vs Milwaukee Brewers
-1.5 +165 +1.5 -195BOVADA
+1.5 -185 -1.5 1705DIMES
+1.5 -195 -1.5 165MYBOOKIE
+1.5 -195 -1.5 165XBET
3:10 PM
Los Angeles Dodgers vs Colorado Rockies
+1.5 +135 -1.5 -160BOVADA
-1.5 -150 +1.5 1405DIMES
-1.5 -160 +1.5 135MYBOOKIE
-1.5 -160 +1.5 135XBET
3:40 PM
Atlanta Braves vs Arizona Diamondbacks
+1.5 -105 -1.5 -115BOVADA
-1.5 -110 +1.5 1005DIMES
-1.5 -115 +1.5 -105MYBOOKIE
-1.5 -115 +1.5 -105XBET
4:10 PM
San Francisco Giants vs San Diego Padres
-1.5 +180 +1.5 -220BOVADA
+1.5 -190 -1.5 1755DIMES
+1.5 -220 -1.5 180MYBOOKIE
+1.5 -220 -1.5 180XBET
7:05 PM
Pittsburgh Pirates vs Philadelphia Phillies
-1.5 -120 +1.5 +100BOVADA
+1.5 110 -1.5 -1205DIMES
+1.5 105 -1.5 -125MYBOOKIE
+1.5 105 -1.5 -125XBET
3:37 PM
Seattle Mariners vs Oakland Athletics
-1.5 +130 +1.5 -150BOVADA
+1.5 -140 -1.5 1305DIMES
+1.5 -150 -1.5 130MYBOOKIE
+1.5 -150 -1.5 130XBET
7:40 PM
Toronto Blue Jays vs Minnesota Twins
+1.5 -120 -1.5 +100BOVADA
-1.5 105 +1.5 -1155DIMES
-1.5 100 +1.5 -120MYBOOKIE
-1.5 100 +1.5 -120XBET
9:38 PM
Houston Astros vs Los Angeles Angels
+1.5 -105 -1.5 -115BOVADA
-1.5 -110 +1.5 1005DIMES
-1.5 -115 +1.5 -105MYBOOKIE
-1.5 -115 +1.5 -105XBET

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Baseball is, of course, a hugely popular sport among Americans and, as such betting on MLB odds is a favorite pastime for many.

Whether it’s individual matches or MLB futures, there’s always a host of betting options for fans to consider. 

Baseball fans tend to love stats and crunching the numbers to find value in the MLB odds is a skill in itself.

Which sportsbook has the best MLB odds? 

Because of its popularity, Major League Baseball betting is a hugely competitive business and sportsbooks need to make sure their lines are properly priced. It’s a delicate balancing act to offer attractive prices but remain profitable and that’s great news for fans looking for value.

Our MLB odds comparison tool lets you compare prices on moneyline, the spread and the total markets to see which sportsbook has the best prices on the latest matches.

Bet on baseball markets

As any fan will tell you, baseball is game of great depth and that means on any individual game, there’s plenty to bet on, both pre-match and in-play. And there’s plenty of matches. Each of the 30 teams plays 162 - a total of 2,430 matches in the regular season. Even in the postseason, it’s possible for teams to play a further 20 matches.


MLB moneyline bets are the simplest form of bet where the bettor’s challenge it to pick the winning team. 

Using our MLB odds comparison tool, you can see which sportsbooks have the best odds on MLB matches at any given time.

Runline or spread

Runline betting in MLB is similar to spread betting seen in other sports - hugely popular in NFL betting - or handicap betting.

In the runline market, one team starts the match with a two-run advantage, so, essentially, you are betting on one team to win by at least two runs. This type of market is particularly popular if one team is a strong favourite to win. You are able to bet on them to win with a -1.5 handicap, to enjoy greater odds.

MLB runline example: Chicago Red Sox +1.5 (-150) @ New York Yankees -1.5 (+120).

In this example, a bet on New York would win if the Yankees won by at least two runs. A bet on Chicago would win if they win the match or lose by only one run. 

Total (over / under)

The MLB total market is a bet on one team to score more or less than a given number of runs.

For example, in a match Atlanta Braves vs Tampa Bay Rays, fans can bet on Atlanta to score more than eight runs or fewer than eight runs. The bet is irrespective of the match result. 

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