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WNBA odds

There are plenty of different ways to bet on WNBA games and multiple US sportsbooks that provide WNBA betting odds. That said, a low number of bettors are interested in placing bets on the women’s top basketball league, so the bookmakers have less interest in setting a wide selection of WNBA odds or giving away WNBA bonus offers.

If you are a basketball fan, and like the freedom to place sports bets all year round, then you should really consider checking out WNBA lines. The league takes place during the summer months, when all of the major men's US leagues are in closed season and provides bettors with some televised sports action to wager on.

The team at USleaguesbetting.com loves to bet on everything sport related and especially niche leagues that present great odds and an edge against the bookies, so read-on to find out why you should try your hand betting on WNBA.

Mispriced WNBA odds gives value 

Gambling on WNBA games can offer great betting value and especially if you follow women’s basketball or are shrewd enough to do your own research. If you look in the right places, you find sportsbooks where WNBA odds are mispriced. This is because the oddsmakers are less interested in the league and won’t be as hot on checking team news, head-to-head stats or a team's form. Sportsbooks will rarely have a full-time trader working on pricing odds for the matches and this is where you can find value.

Finding a reliable sportsbook with lots of markets and WNBA odds will be more difficult than finding NBA betting odds. The league isn’t as popular as the mainstream US sports leagues and not all sportsbooks will provide WNBA odds, but you should check-out our sportsbook review section to find where you can place a bet. There will also be fewer betting options, with straight bets being the standard betting market available and you’ll be lucky to find WNBA prop bet odds.

Act fast when betting on WNBA

A key difference between betting on the women’s professional basketball league compared to other more obscure sports league betting markets is that there are much fewer bets coming from the general public. If you decide to place a WNBA bet, then you need to be wary of sharps who are always looking for high value odds and are capable of placing huge bets that have an impact.

When the WNBA betting lines are not carefully priced, they will attract a lot of interest from pro bettors who will place large bets that move the lines. We always recommend checking our WNBA odds tracker to make sure you get a good view of the lines across multiple sportsbooks at once and place your wagers as fast as possible.

If you find some sweet odds, but the market moves dramatically and you don’t get to bet at the odds you want, there’s always value to be found in other games. You just need to act fast and keep on top of the best odds and sportsbook offers available to increase your chances.

Where to find WNBA odds

We previously said that you can’t always find WNBA betting markets at all US sportsbooks, but if you know where to look you will find really good odds. Check-out our WNBA odds feed above which shows real-time WNBA points spreads and moneyline odds with direct links to the sportsbook.

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