NBA Betting

Undoubtedly, no professional basketball league for men, anywhere in the world, comes close to the National Basketball Association (NBA), whether in terms of popularity ratings or the kind of pay outs made to players.

Under such circumstances, NBA betting takes on a critical hue of its own, given the high stakes.

As a savvy NBA bettor, you can easily leverage the opportunities lying in store for you. On this page, we provide a whole host of informative nuggets that can help you in that quest.



First up, there are top-quality NBA betting sites we have listed below that you need to sign up on. Don’t worry, we have done all the hard work for you – the ones listed below are definitely the VERY BEST out there!

At the same time, a notable precaution is to double check if the site in question is abiding by applicable laws in your state. (This is usually a given these days, no worries!)

Top NBA Betting Sites

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With that done, a critical component of the selection process for a suitable NBA betting site would be the welcome bonus that it offers; while most do offer one anyway, it is the quantum offered, on the best possible terms, which is usually the deal breaker.

An excellent (and common!) example would be one where the NBA betting site partially or fully matches the first deposit you make, anywhere from 50% (half the deposit you make) to 100% (so fully matches up to your entire deposit!).

This is an excellent way for NBA betting sites to entice new users like you onto the platform – and once the rewards keep coming your way, you’re of course hooked!

Getting on with it – and placing your bets!

With the initial process, especially the welcome bonus done, you are raring to go ahead and place your bets!

For this, there are a number of options available at hand for you. After all, the NBA itself – with its 30 teams and all-round dynamism (given the sheer number of games that are played each season), throws up an entire array of possibilities.

Below, we list the most common bets that are placed:

NBA Total Bets

Herein, the sportsbook provides you with a total point score for a particular game. You have to then bet if the total points as scored by both the teams would in fact be more or less than the score given by the sportsbook.

NBA Spread Bets

These are quite simply “lines” offered by sportsbooks which both the team destined as favorite to win as well as the bottom dog have to cross – the favorite wins by at least that margin point while the bottom dog possibly loses, but again by the given points.

As you get into the thick of things as an NBA bettor, you will definitely get sharper at picking up just the right lines for NBA spread bets.

NBA Prop Bets

These are simplistic bets with little to no skill involved. Examples include the points that will be scored in a game, whether those points would be odd or even, the time that will be taken for a shot, and so on. Given the extremely “chancy” nature of these bets, it is really your call whether you would want to indulge in them.

NBA Moneyline Bets

The simplest of all NBA bets where you wager on the odds of a particular occurrence, such as a team winning. As would be apparent, teams favored to win have a negative line on them; you will have to bet big to profit from their win (since they are likely to win anyway) while dark horses have a positive line where even a small bet can lead to huge profits should they win (since the probability of that happening is low).


There’s probably no professional sporting arena which is as exciting for betting as the NBA. So go ahead and combine skills with luck; you never know what lies in store for you!  

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