NFL Betting

The National Football League (NFL) is a top draw among professional sports leagues in the United States. Culminating in the Super Bowl, a billion-dollar extravaganza, the popularity of the NFL is pretty much second to none.

Under such circumstances, it is really no surprise at all that NFL games draw immense enthusiasm among bettors. This fervor has only increased over time, with the stakes going higher and higher each year.


Surely, you want to partake in these bets and make the most of the opportunities at hand. For that, first up, you need to sign up with reputed sportsbooks. Below, we have done all the hard work for you, listing only the finest platforms with the best odds and spotless scruples!

Top NFL Betting Sites

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Among the many factors you would want to consider while selecting one of these fine platforms for placing bets, would be the welcome bonus they have to offer. Today, pretty much all sportsbooks offer welcome bonuses. What differs is the quantity and the terms on which they are offered; more often than not, things would be in the range of 50% to 100% of the initial deposit you make upfront.

Placing NFL Bets

With the initial formalities of signing up with the best possible sportsbook as well as making a deposit duly done, you are good to go as far as placing NFL bets goes.

For that, you do need to be aware of the various kinds of bets that can be placed.

Below we list them out for you which will help you tremendously.

Moneyline NFL Bets

Some of the most simple and straightforward bets which can be placed out there; just predict the winning team. You will know the odd in advance, which means you, will also know the kind of bet to be placed for you to end up on the winning side.

Parlay NFL Bets

The easiest way to understand parlay NFL bets is to look at them as single bets which actually bring together multiple bets. So, for a bet to be successful, you will be looking at various occurrences to come together and end up in your favor.

The advantage here is that if and when that happens (i.e. all the occurrences do end up as you wagered), the returns would be huge. At the same time, the odds of that happening are always low.

Spread NFL Bets

The sportsbook will assign a “spread” by which teams are expected to win for you to end up on the winning side. To give you an example –5 for the favorites would mean that team would have to win by more than 5 points for your bet to be a winning one.

Prop NFL Bets

These bets have little to do with skill and almost entirely to do with chance. Which team will win the coin toss or whether the final score will add up to an even or an odd number? These are bets completely driven by chance. It is entirely up to you whether you really would want to partake in such bets.

Total NFL Bets

Fairly simple to understand, these bets involve wagering on totals such as the final tally score of the two teams.


NFL bets are a part of the overall “betting armory” of practically every bettor out there. Therefore, this is an arena you simply cannot afford to miss playing on.

As far as NFL betting strategy goes, it is tough to specify one – or even a few. Therefore, we recommend testing the waters with what you think works best for you. Over time, you can easily look towards fine tuning this approach! We also offer futures odds & the best consensus picks around!

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