NHL Betting

The National Hockey League (NHL) remains the most well-recognized and respected premier ice hockey professional league, anywhere in the world, with as many as 31 different teams across Canada and the United States.

The viewership that it gets as well as the sponsorship which it is able to garner is practically second to none.

Under such circumstances, it is easy to understand why gambling around NHL has taken on such critical hues.


Betting on NHL

With increasing popularity of NHL as a whole, betting platforms for it have also gone up tremendously. This in turn creates a dilemma for bettors – how does one choose the best betting platform?

Well, we are here to help, shortlisting some of the best sportsbooks for NHL betting out there. We have considered a number of different criteria for our choice, whereby we are very confident about the quality of our list.

Top NHL Betting Sites

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Among these different criteria, the welcome bonus that is offered to new bettors on the platform takes on center stage priority. After all, welcome bonus today has become the most important factor for most bettors to zero in on a particular platform over others.

This welcome bonus varies in quantity across sportsbooks but today you can typically expect anywhere between 50% (half) to 100% (your entire deposit) being offered as a welcome bonus. This is indeed quite a big deal since you get that much more “ammo” if you will to wager on, from the get go!

Betting Options for placing NHL Bets

With money duly added onto your sportsbook account – with an additional welcome bonus in tow, you are raring to go ahead and place your bets.

Before you do so, you must know the various kinds of NHL bets that are commonly placed.

Puck Line NHL Bets

It’s a fairly simplistic bet where run lines are set and the team you are backing has to win by more than or lose by less than the threshold that has been set, for you to win.

You might recall the handicap bets in football or the run line bets in baseball; in case you are wondering, these bets are indeed very similar.

Live NHL Bets

As the name suggests, you place your bets LIVE while the match is going on. No doubt, these bets have a huge thrill factor of their own. Simply head to the ‘Live Betting’ section of the playbook you are wagering on.

Moneyline NHL Bets

These are as simple as betting on the team you reckon is likely to win the game. Favorites offer lower returns while oddball teams with lower probability of winning offer spectacular winnings should they win – and you bet on that happening.

Prop NHL Bets

Typically, these do not involve any major skills. An example could be the total number of goals that are scored. It is almost entirely a matter of chance, and hence, they are referred to as “prop” bets.

Of course, there are also the total or over/under bets which you must be aware of already.


The NHL offers one of the best platforms for bettors to bet with both skill and luck. Strategy certainly plays an important role in your quest for winning NHL bets. There’s no fixed NHL betting strategy we can suggest since there really isn’t one. Instead, we always recommend deploying your own unique strategy and see how it works out for you; in the long run that is very likely to prove to be your best “bet”!

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